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by misterR

the chillaxin'est, most happenin'est song in the jungle, now coming at you hot-diggedy-dogs through the cyber-tunnels from the tip-tappening, no-monkey-business toetips of leo luster himself. groovy.


i found out you can inspect-element pages with readspeaker and get it to read edited text, so i fucked around with it.

this video's what came out of that. i think it's funny as shit.

the lyrics are from a song out of the old donkey kong cartoon. here, click this and i'll show you.

it's actually insane the difference between how shit the animation was and the models looked and how killer the songs were in that show. seriously they're fucking good. whoever came up with the batshit idea of making the donkey kong cartoon a musical has to be some kind of mad genius. how do you think of something like that?

the R squad!