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here's some cool sites to check out

alright nothing against our site, it's great and all, but there's so much neat shit out there on the internet it'd be a crime to not spread the word about some of it. besides, the more there is to break the habit of sticking to one of the big """"""web applications"""""" all day, the better. the whole internet isn't just 5 URLs.

that's what this page is for. here you can find some fun or interesting websites recommended by members of the R squad.

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misterR's recommendations

saltybet -

computer-powered MUGEN characters are pulled out a hat and pitted against each other, 2D and one-on-one. it's livestreamed and viewers bet fake money on which half of the computer's gonna win. it's a stream so there's a chat room. you have to sign up to bet but it's worth it for a good laugh. and since it's MUGEN there's plenty of characters from video games, comics, cartoons and shit so you'll recognise some of the fighters, and there's a chance you'll be introduced to new shit. check it out.

screenshot of saltybet

PROTIP: don't be a puss, all in or none in.

neocities -

free (unless you upgrade) and reliable web host. you can't do anything server-side, so no page templates, no php or mysql or nothing, but if you're happy to put the work into keeping up a good old-fashioned html website and you don't mind going without some of that server shit then you can't go wrong with neocities. comes with a text editor you can use to edit pages on the fly, some social networking community shit you can engage or ignore however you want and 1 gig of storage a site. for $5 a month you can up that to 50 gigs and get some neat extra features like custom domain support (if you've got one).

i remember looking at sites like youtube and twitter and how customizable they used to be with user pages, but slowly over time that bit of fun's melted away and these sites sunk into big-company control-freak bullshit and those brightly coloured flashy and personal profiles all mutated into the same white, gray and brand-colour professional cut-n-paste sleep therapy craphouse as the other five million-gazillion of them. it's fucking sad. i'm fucking sad now, god dammit.

i'd take a neocities site over a facebook page any day of the week. fuck that shit.

flashpoint -

you might have heard that adobe flash player is getting pulled from their site by 2020, and the major web browsers are going to stop allowing it. that means sooner or later, all those flash games and cartoons and websites from across time won't work on most of your web browsers, and i bet a lot of them won't be coming back if they're not remade in HTML5 or saved some other way.
it's going to be shockwave all over again.

that's a lot of internet history that's about to disappear. a lot of web browser games especially, that i and somewhere between thousands and millions of others used to play when we were younger, were made to run on either flash player or shockwave player. animated cartoons from all corners of the web, shaped by too many of the endless different internet cultures out there to count and from all over the world, are made for flash player. i don't know about you but it's killing me that all of that's about to go away.

that's why i wanted to share this link. it goes to a site run by a bloke called bluemaxima, and from there you can download an application also worked on by bluemaxima, and many others, called flashpoint. what this program seems to do is list every game and movie it has from a giant online archive of not just flash, but shockwave, unity web player, popcap plugin and all sorts of other web-based media files, and lets you grab and play any of these files from the archive. i think it's a great preservation effort. i've tried the 6.1 infinity version that downloads the files as you choose them and it's been working great, but if you have the space i reckon you should grab the full ultimate version that contains every game, just in case something happens to cut the project short.

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