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I've been reading: "The Andromeda Strain" by Michael Crichton

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03/25/2018, 07:10pm CST

In recent years I have amassed a sizable collection of old novels, and unfortunately it has taken me until now to finally crack open a few and start reading them. One of the more notable is Michael Crichton's Andromeda Strain, a book published in the year 1969. The copy that I own is a 1988 reprint printed by Pan Books Ltd. The book itself is a small paperback no longer than 304 pages, including a few pages of references and a page that would have allowed me to order Coma by Robin Cook if the year was still 1988 and if I possessed roughly six pounds. Unsurprisingly, the book smells of aged paper.

The plot of the novel was interesting enough to hold my attention for the duration of the novel, and the premise was a refreshing change from the horror novels I had read in the months prior. A probe crashes down near a remote town in Arizona, carrying a mysterious virus that is able to kill almost instantly. The story follows the scientists who aim to analyse and neutralise the virus before it becomes a plague. The novel has a few twists and turns and ultimately arrives at a conclusion that I was satisfied with, which admittedly is a rather boring way to state the fact that I enjoyed the book and at no point felt bored or disinterested.

Check it out, or one of the movie adaptations if that's your inclination. I can't vouch for the adaptations but I have heard good things.

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